Solent retrofit conference

Next week, the final Q1 event in a series of regional retrofit conferences opens.  The Low Carbon Homes online event, hosted by Greentech South, University of Portsmouth will consider the challenges of securing collaboration across a disparate region featuring densely populated cities, and protected natural landscapes.

Low Carbon Homes Solent, (Tuesday 16th – Thursday 18th March), supported by MCS is staged over three mornings, and includes both speaker sessions, popular interactive work groups and networking.

The South East and Solent are predicted to have amongst the highest rising prices in the UK and high demand for housing. The challenge facing local authorities is how to deliver part of this housing growth sustainably whilst simultaneously improving the efficiency of the existing housing stock, which is amongst the least efficient in Europe.

A large number of the Solent’s buildings date from the 20th and late 19th centuries, making it harder to install efficiency measures due, in particular, to the need for more expensive solid wall insulation compared to insulating modern cavity wall houses. However, given the densely populated nature of some parts of the region (e.g. Portsmouth), economies of scale can be captured by retrofitting urban areas street-by-street which can help reduce the cost of external wall insulation and reduce issues associated with thermal bridging from poor installations.

“The Solent region benefits from a strong, supportive University presence that supports local innovation and innovators.  We’re delighted therefore to have the support of University of Portsmouth in hosting this event and to be able to showcase programmes and innovations that will support Solent’s transition to net-zero.

The region has a huge array of building architypes, landscapes and conurbations but is coming together at Low Carbon Homes to collaborate to work towards solving one of the UK’s greatest carbon reduction challenges – our poor performing housing stock.  A single event won’t solve the problem, but we’re confident that by bringing so many local stakeholders together the Solent will be able to take a sizeable step towards creating a housing retrofit plan that eventually will.” Graham Lock, Founder, Low Carbon Homes


Alan Wilson, Business Development Director, Net Zero Collective

Alex Hughes, Operations Analyst, MCS

Christabel Watts, Project Manager, the Environment Centre

Dave Woods, Director of Operations, Cobalt Housing

David Hutchinson, Director, Greentech South, UoP

Dr Lisa Newson, Liverpool John Moores University

Dr Phil Wu, Director, AB Solar

Gavin Dick, Local Authority Policy Officer, NRLA

Graham Lock, Low Carbon Homes

Ian Rippin, CEO, MCS

Mick Card, Liverpool John Moores University

Nicki Hodgson, Energy & Sustainability Advisor, the Environment Centre

Prof. Graham Galbraith, Vice-Chancellor, University of Portsmouth

Prof. John Williams, University of Portsmouth

Richard Partington, MD, AceOn

Ryan Jude, Associate, Green Finance Institute

Low Carbon Homes on 16-18 March, hosted by Greentech South, University of Portsmouth, is a free-to-attend online event bringing professionals from inter-related sectors together to collaborate and consider the scale of the supply chain challenge, the solutions available and the barriers to overcome.

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2020: Birmingham, Derbyshire and Glasgow; 2021: Liverpool, Kent, Manchester, Oxfordshire and Solent.

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