Graham Lock, Low Carbon Homes

Graham Lock, Low Carbon Homes

Graham Lock, Low Carbon Homes

Founder | Low Carbon Homes

I’m Graham Lock, founder of Cogent Events – the creators of Low Carbon Homes.
Low Carbon Homes is an exciting opportunity to be at the vanguard of something genuinely transformational.

Fossil fuels are being written out of most business plans. It’s now a question of how we transition to a low carbon future rather than if.

Somewhat bizarrely I grew up in a cold house without central heating – we used to have ice on the inside of our windows! – and I now own another cold house, a very old one – no ice on the inside but certainly plenty of condensation as a result of mercilessly thin walls, single glazing and it being a listed building. I’d love to make it warmer and I think I know how to – it’s just that the economics don’t stack up. Government policies may make improvements viable in the future, but in the meantime I will ensure that Low Carbon Homes helps those more in need than me.

By 2050 the Government aspires to get all home energy to zero carbon, that involves new homes off the gas grid being built as zero carbon homes with 10 years (“mid-2020’s”). Low Carbon Homes and all its contributors will play a vital role in ensuring that the UK meets these objectives, helping to drive Clean Growth and reducing fuel poverty.

We have three events planned for 2018, six in 2019 increasing to twelve in 2020 – we’ll cover all regions of the UK, touching all Local Authority areas, engaging communities, year-round – each year. Initial events will attract up to 200 regional influencers, 30 presenters and feature up to 20 leading brands.

By the end of 2020 we’ll have engaged with over 4,000 influencers of change across the entire UK. Using the latest technological innovations we’ll assess the impact of each event and share data and insight to ensure that the output and impact (socially, economically and environmentally) of each event improves – year on year.

Get involved –
Join us at our events – as a delegate, speaker, facilitator, manufacturer or case-study host. Join us on-line as a content contributor, blogger or fixer. We’re happy to partner with anyone who shares our vision for low carbon homes. We look forward to learning how.

We bring people together who are going to get along because we know that they can each contribute to each other’s success… and they will enjoy do so. Our proven methodologies bring motivated people together to get things done.

Let’s get more things done. Welcome to Low Carbon Homes

Graham is founder and director of Low Carbon Homes and will be at the Forum to welcome, lead and help to facilitate throughout the day.