Nicki Hodgson

The Environment Centre

I’ve been a passionate advocate for sustainability for as long as I can remember. My experience growing up in a country where, at the time, nothing went to waste, probably fueled my desire to understand the currently accepted throwaway culture and to develop creative solutions to achieve a healthier environment, both for people and the planet.  I’ve used my skills and knowledge to help others manage their resources efficiently. This was showcased in a series of practical modules I designed to effect sustainable behaviour from residents of Baxter College. The gentle ‘nudges’ indeed worked to drastically reduce energy and water consumption in the building, and my efforts in environmental sustainability were highly commended by UNSW.

I currently support vulnerable populations keep warm and well at home by providing tailored energy efficiency advice and assistance. I also work closely with local organisations that can provide those clients with additional resources to yield holistic solutions.

Events attending

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